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Few words about me

My name is Laxmikant Tiwari and have done Master of Computer(MCA) degree from MITS Gwalior and working as Software Engineer from 2018 in Pune. 
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NameLaxmikant Tiwari
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The best place to learn about me is to read the About Me page at golanuagehub/about-us.

For the new readers, I am Laxmikant Tiwari, the founder of Golanguagehub.

I am a blogger and a software engineer by education.

13 years ago, I started my computer education, in 2011 I did Bachelor of Computer degree from Rewa Pentium Point Technical College. And in 2015, I took my Master of Computer (MCA) degree from Gwalior Madhav Institute of Technology and Science. I have devoted my good 2+ years to blogging.

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging for fun in March 2020 and started writing about things I knew. I started my blogging journey on Blogspot platform. I was more interested in programming languages ​​and computers, so I started with a blog called "Golanguagehub".

The first domain name I wanted to get was golang, which was already taken.

So I started with the domain name golanguagehub.Blogspot, and at the end of three months I was getting appreciation from my readers and thought of investing in my blog.

Initially, I wrote about song lyrics that you can probably find on other blogs. Later, when I came to know that blogging can make money, I was blown away by the idea.

I was wondering why no one told me that I can follow my passion and make money. This is where I made a mission that I would tell others about blogging and write about programming languages.

This is where I started sharing what I had learned about blogging and my experience of blogging knowledge.

Laxmikant Tiwari