Golang Tutorials for Beginners

 Golang Tutorials for Beginners

Hello, today we will talk about the programming language "Golang" created by Google, which was created by Google in the year of 2007. The names of the developers who created "Golang" are something like this, first Robert Grissemer was second Ken Thompson and Rob Pike. Many developers praise the simplicity and reliability of this programming language "Golang".

Now some also talk about the popularity of this programming language. Programming Language of the Year was also declared in 2009 and 2016. And in the year 2018 this programming language was ranked 10th.

"Golang" is a very simple and reliable programming language, and Google itself wants people to work in this programming language. So today in this blog we will understand about "Golang.

Golang Tutorials for Beginners

What are the features of Golang?

Although "Golang" programming language has many features, but today we will talk about some special properties of this programming language.

  1. This programming language is a set of features of many great languages.
  2. "Golang" seems very easy to read, understand, type means for coding.
  3. It supports object oriented programming system.
  4. Golang” is a hybrid programming language, and it is very lightweight and easy to learn programming language.
  5. All types of software can be created using "Golang" such as system programming, general programming language.
  6. It can also handle heavy server services and text processing issues with ease.

Now the big question arises that why should we read "Golang" in spite of having so many more programming languages.

Why should we read Golang?

Well, as we know that “Golang” is an easy to learn programming language, if we look a little deeper, then we will know that Golang is related to the C programming language. Since this language is related to C language, so it is similar to language like Java and C++. But Golang's Syntax is much simpler and more intuitive than other languages, so it is both very easy to learn and read.

This language is very fast, so developers like it very much because its processing time is very less than other languages. The native use of the Golang language is used to organize and accelerate network communication, memory management.

Server side scripting is quite complex and complex, Golang makes that work easy and intuitive.

Well, till now we have taken some overview about golang, what is golang, who made it, why should read this language, is it faster than other languages ​​or not. So let us now try to understand the Golang programming language step by step.

What is Filenames, keywords, identifiers in Golang?

All code in Golang is saved with the extension (.go), note that whatever is in the extension (.go) will always be in lowercase. You can name the file anything except the keywords. Before naming the file, some things have to be kept in mind-

  1. The first word will always be the character.
  2. Can't use special words
  3. _ can be used.
  4. Space cannot be used in file name.

What is Keyword?

Keywords mean such words which are already stored in any programming language and their meaning is already fixed for a particular task. Although Golang has very few keywords in comparison to C, C++ or Java. The list of keywords is given below;

break default func: interface select
case defer go: map struct
chan else goto package switch
const fallthrough if range type
continue for import return var

What is Identifiers?

identifiers and keywords are almost the same, identifiers are mainly used to indicate identity. What is meant by this line, like "int32" it is an identifier and it tells that the variable or any statement used with it will be of type Integer32. Identifiers must begin with either a character or an underscore (_). Below is a list of some identifiers used in Golang.

append false iota recover bool float64
string byte float32 make true cap
new uint close int nil unit8
int8 panic unit16 complex64 int16 print
complex128 int32 println unit64 copy int64
len imag complex unit32 real unitptr

How to Download & Install Golang?

To read or learn any programming language, first of all it is very important to have a good IDE, so I would recommend Microsoft's VS Code. The link to download VSCode is given below-

Download VS Code

After downloading and installing VSCode Proper, now download and install Golang. The link to download Golang is given below-

Download Golang

After downloading it is very easy to install, just click on the next button and Golang will be installed.

Just note that when your golang is installed, its environment path must be set.

What is Data type and Variables in Golang?

What is Data Type?

Data type means what is the type of the interred data or the data being used means that the data is number, string or any other type. The one who defines the type of data is called data type. The main data types of Golang are-

  • Primary Data Type: Int, Float, Bool, String.
  • Structures Data Type: struct, slice, map, array, channel.
  • Interface Data Type: Describe the behavior of a type

What is Variables?

Variable is a kind of value whose value can be changed at any time. The var keyword is used to define a variable.

var intval int = 10

Here intval is a variable which is of type int and has been assigned a value of 10.

What are Golang Operators?

Operator is a type of symbol which is fixed for a particular function. There are three types of operators in Golang, Arithmetic, Logical and Bitwise Operators.

Arithmetic Operator

Basic operators used in mathematics like (+,-,*,/), all these come in arithmetic operators.

For example


Logical Operator

Logical operators are similar to operators used in other programming languages. Below is the list of Logical Operators –

  • Equal operator ==
  • Not-Equal operator !=
  • Less-than operator <
  • Greater-than operator >
  • Less-than equal-to operator <=
  • Greater-than equal-to operator >=

Bitwise Operator

Bitwise operator is the operator that works in bits, the list of bitwise operators is given below.

  • Bitwise AND operator &
  • Bitwise OR operator |
  • Bitwise XOR operator ^
  • Bit CLEAR operator &^
  • Bitwise COMPLEMENT operator ^

What is strings in Golang?

Golang supports UTF-8, Golang strings are much better than other programming language strings because it supports UTF-8.In Golang Writes strings inside double quotes ("").

var s string = "Hello, World"

 Example of “Hello world” strings

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
  var str string = "Hello, World"

More Example of strings

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
  var str string = "Hello! This is Laxmikant Tiwari "
  var str1 string = "I am a Software Engineer"

Times and Dates in Golang

In the date and time package, we can know the date and time of the system, if we want to know what is the current time, then we write time.Now(). And there is also a big thing in this that you can also see the time in different pieces like if you want to know the day, then you write t.Day() then you will get the information of the day.

t := time.Now()
fmt.Printf("%02d.%02d.%4d\n", t.Day(), t.Month(), t.Year())

Control Statement in Golang

Control statements inside Golang are almost the same as in C language but are much simpler and more intuitive. Golang does not have do and while loops, it has for loop, and switch loop.

Golang has two new control statements, SWITCH and SELECT. if-else This is also a logical or conditional statement inside a control statement. And in side if you must use this ({}) brace. Note that even if has a single statement then also must use ({}) brace. This is very important, if you do not put ({}) for a statement in other programming languages, it works but not in Golang.

Switch-case This is similar to the switch case used in other programming languages. We use switch case to check multiple option.

Syntax of switch

switch var1 {
case val1:
case val2:

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